Why Us?

Always there, because we careā€¦ is the biz mantra for us to do business for long term. Since our inception in 2010, we have continuously working on excelling our services to our valued customers in Energy Saving.

Customer Satisfaction is the key to success of our business. Customer Satisfaction led us to more business. Hence Customer Satisfaction has been the proven practice for us too.

We are dedicated to support for Energy Crisis. We strongly feel that Saving Energy is very Easy, while Generation of Energy is not Easy.

Choosing Eco Green units to install will help to Save in Energy Consumption and Environment.

Proven Performance

  • Already installed more than 60 units all over Nepal
  • Reduced Energy (Electricity and Diesel) Bills
  • Already Saved 2MW hour electricity for Water Heating
  • Already Saved 3 Lakhs Liters of Diesel for Water Heating

Proven Choice

  • Repeat orders after installation of one
    • KGH Group of Hotels and Resorts
    • Hotel Barahi
    • Hotel Manaslu
    • Shreeji Lords Inn
  • Referral from Satisfied customers

Proven Expert

  • Prompt Solution for hot water problems
  • No Hot Water problem where Eco Green HP has been installed
  • Consultation for betterment and further saving possibilities at least cost