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What if already boiler has been installed for Water heating?

  • Boiler will be kept as back up to save operating cost.
  • Eco Green HP will be installed for Hot Water with the existing hot water tank.

What if already Solar has been installed for Water heating?

  • Solar Panels will be kept as it is to get pre heat water for Eco Green HP.
  • Solar Panel will help to minimize the operating cost of Eco Green HP.
  • If space is more important then only it will be uninstalled.

How much is the saving if we are using Diesel Boiler?

  • Normally Eco Green HP can save up to 75% .

How much is the saving if we are using Electric Geyser?

  • Normally Eco Green HP can save up to 70%

How much power is consumed by Eco Green HP?

  • Eco Green HP consumes the least electricity.
  • Eco Green HP has efficiency of 400% meaning 1KW power input will give 4KW hot output.

What is the primary maintenance needed for Eco Green HP?

  • In normal conditions, Eco Green HP should be checked regularly by authorized technician from Eco Green.

How much time it will take to heat water for Eco Green HP?

  • Depending on the heating capacity per hour and the size of the tank, it will take 3-5 hours to reach 60degree.
  • Normally the Eco Green HP will run to cover the differential temperature only.

Can we get hot water any time from Eco Green HP?

  • Yes, once the electrical back up is there. Hot Water can be assured any time of the day and night.

Can we use existing Solar Tank for Eco Green Water heating?

  • If the existing tank has good insulation and capacity to match Eco Green HP, then definitely can use Solar Tank.
  • What about the quality of insulation of Eco Green Hot Water Tank ?
  • Eco Green Hot Water tank insulation is about 5cm. of PU Foam. hence hot water will lose temperature at the minimum, say around 2-5degree in 24hours.

How much water will be wasted or How long it will take to get hot water on the tap?

  • It will take less than 15seconds to get hot water.
  • If can have the circulation system for hot water supply, hot water will be instantaneous.