Corporate Message

Pabitra-ChukeWe are very glad to share that we have been able to SAVE ENERGY for more than 2MW units of electricity/ 3 Lakh Liters of Diesel consumption with the installation of energy efficient Eco Green units.

I still remember the very first few days when marketing people of Eco Green were visiting to valued prospects for marketing of Eco Green HP telling that of its potential of Huge Saving because of its efficiency up to 400% for Hot Water Generation and the prospects used to say that Eco Green team were telling the Myth and were talking Too Good to be True.

Now after installations for over 50 units of Eco Green HP all over, Nepal, it is no more Myths and Stories. It has become the Reality and Truth.

Eco Green HP has proved to be efficient up to 400% and saving more than 70% on hot water cost in hotels and resorts.

With the support, well wishes and inspirations from our esteemed partner customers and suppliers, we are encouraged to keep moving for Energy Saving. We will continue working for Energy Saving and look forward for research in innovative energy saving opportunities.