About Us

Eco Green is a Green initiative in Nepal with innovative approaches in energy saving. Eco Green is a professional team of businessmen, engineers, and technicians who have wide experience in energy saving.

We have been assisting hotels, resorts, factories and homes with our professional advices and solutions for energy saving. We not only assist, but also help to find out the best solutions to HVAC system as per the requirement for our partner customers.

We have been experiencing the Energy (electricity, diesel, gas etc.) crisis everywhere in our day to day living. We see the big queue for availing CNG gas, and diesel. Our daily activities have been adversely affected by the shortage of these energy sources.

Hence the time has come to think and plan for the energy saving. We might not be able to help for generating energy but we can help a lot to save energy.

We encourage to think to save energy and check for improvements so that we can make our place healthier and cleaner!

We assist to provide sustainable technology to save energy with the least possible investment. The professionals having spent many years in the field will be directly involved to find out the best option for energy saving alternatives.

We provide free of cost consultancy for energy saving alternatives.

» Plan for Saving, Pay from the Saving.
» Easy financing schemes for easy payments.
» Easy access, prompt service and of superior quality.
» We also provide training for staffs for easy repair and maintenance.
» Simple and innovative proven technology at an affordable cost to fit the context of the Nepal.
» Design of simple and easy system for the lowest payback period with no compromise on comfort.