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Eco Green is a Green initiative in Nepal with innovative approaches in energy saving with decade of experience. Eco Green is a professional team of businessmen, engineers, and technicians who have wide experience in energy saving in diverse field.

We have been assisting hotels, resorts, factories and homes with our professional advices and solutions for energy saving. We not only assist, but also help to find out the best solutions to Hot Water and HVAC system as per the requirement for our partner customers.

We encourage to think to save energy and check for improvements so that we can make our place healthier and cleaner

We assist to provide sustainable technology to save energy with the least possible investment. The professionals having spent many years in the field will be directly involved to find out the best option for energy saving alternatives.

We provide free of cost consultancy for energy saving alternatives.
  • Plan for Saving, Pay from the Saving.
  • Easy financing schemes for easy payments.
  • Easy access, prompt service and of superior quality.
  • We also provide training for staffs for easy repair and maintenance.
  • Simple and innovative proven technology at an affordable cost to fit the context of the Nepal.
  • Design of simple and easy system for the lowest payback period with no compromise on comfort.

Proven Performance

  • Already installed more than 400 plus units all over Nepal

  • Reduced Energy (Electricity and Diesel) Bills

  • Already Saved 15MW hour electricity for Water Heating

  • Already Saved 21 Lakhs Liters of Diesel for Water Heating

Proven Choice

  • Repeat orders after installation of one

    • KGH Group of Hotels and Resorts

    • Hotel Barahi

    • Hotel Manaslu

    • Shreeji Lords Inn

    • Hotel Tayoma

  • Referral from Satisfied customers

Proven Expert

  • Prompt Solution for hot water problems

  • No hot water problem where ecogreen Heat Pump has been installed

  • Unbelievable savings where Eco Green has been involved at the time of plumbing design and during operations for efficient operation for hot water system

  • Consultation for betterment and further saving possibilities at least cost


Always there, because we careā€¦ is the biz mantra for us to do business for long term. Since our inception in 2010, we have continuously working on excelling our services to our valued customers in Energy Saving. Customer Satisfaction is the key to success of our business. Customer Satisfaction led us to more business. Hence Customer Satisfaction has been the proven practice for us too. We are dedicated to support for Energy Crisis. We strongly feel that Saving Energy is very Easy, while Generation of Energy is not Easy. Choosing Eco Green units to install will help to Save in Energy Consumption and Environment.

Corporate Message

We are very glad to share that we have been able to SAVE ENERGY for more than 15MW units of electricity/ 21 Lakh Liters of Diesel consumption with the installation of energy efficient ecogreen units in last 7 years. I still remember the very first few days when colleague of Eco Green were visiting to valued prospects for marketing of ecogreen Heat Pump telling that of its potential of Huge Saving because of its efficiency up to 400% for Hot Water Generation and the prospects used to say that Eco Green team were telling Myth and were talking too good to be True. Now after installations for over 400 plus units of ecogreen Heat Pump all over, Nepal, it is no more Myth and Story. It has become the Reality and Truth. ecogreen Heat Pump has proved to be efficient up to 400% and saving more than 70% on hot water cost in hotels, resorts and factories. With the support, well wishes and inspirations from our esteemed partner customers and suppliers, we are encouraged to keep moving for Energy Saving for the nation.


  • Boiler will be kept as back up to save operating cost.
  • ecogreen Heat Pump will be installed for Hot Water with the existing hot water tank.
  • Solar Panels will be kept as it is to get pre heat water for ecogreen Heat Pump.
  • Solar Panel will help to minimize the operating cost of ecogreen Heat Pump.
  • If space is more important than only it will be uninstalled
  • Normally ecogreen Heat Pump can save up to 75%.
  • Normally ecogreen Heat Pump can save up to 70%.
  • ecogreen Heat Pump consumes the least electricity.
  • ecogreen Heat Pump has efficiency of 400% meaning 1KW power input will give 4KW hot output.
  • In normal conditions, ecogreen Heat Pump should be checked regularly by authorized technician from Eco Green.
  • Depending on the heating capacity per hour of heat pump and the size of hot water tank, it will take 3-5 hours to reach 60degree.
  • Normally the ecogreen Heat Pump will run to cover the differential temperature only once hot water is being used. Hence heat pump will run for few minutes and stop.
  • Yes, once the electrical back up is there. Hot Water can be assured any time of the day and night through out the year in any weather.
  • If the existing tank has good insulation and capacity to match ecogreen Heat Pump, then definitely can use existing Solar Tank.
  • ecogreen Hot Water tank insulation is about 50mm. of PU Foam. Hence hot water will lose temperature at the minimum, say around 2-5degree in 24hours.
  • It will take less than 15seconds to get hot water.
  • If can have the circulation system for hot water supply, hot water will be instantaneous.

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